We are highly skilled professionals with the resources and knowledge to carry out any request to your specifications with personalized services catering to your individual needs. We provide the lifestyle you desire by leveraging our exclusive industry networks, contacts and preferential relationships. Our priority is to keep you satisfied and make your experience unforgettable.


Manos started his career at the age of 17 as a host on a mega yacht, traveling literally all over the world. He hosted the biggest names in the business world, athletes and movie stars. At the age of 19 he started modeling, traveling to fashion cities such as Milan, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris etc. While modeling in London, he integrated MTV empire working as a tour manager and participating in the rave and dance stage among many legends of the time.
This is where he founded the Magna brand, which became synonymous with the biggest parties and clubs worldwide. Magna welcomed the biggest names in dance music including superstar DJs such as Frankie knuckles, David Morales, Louie Vega and many more. Manos is one of the godfathers of the dance scene in Mykonos. In collaboration with the Dagtilidi family, they created Cavo Paradiso from scratch, welcoming the biggest names in show biz, in the fashion industry like Thierry Mugler and Jean Paul Gauthier, super models like Naomi Campbell and many stars like Milla Jovovich.
In his long career with music events, he hosted all the events of the Olympic games in Greece in 2004 for sports illustrated, MTV and BBC with all the top athletes of the time, the royal family of Greece, actors such as Clive Owen, Brad Pitt, and business moguls like Bill Gates and more. With his exceptional experience in carrying out the best hospitality and high-end services for superstars, Manos decided to create, with his partners, Ultra Concierge to offer the most upscale services to clients from all sectors.


Natasha is a committed professional with several years of experience working as a Concierge in a high-volume setting like Mykonos. With her extensive knowledge and contact book, she is able to generate inspiring and innovative ideas to ensure the ultimate satisfaction of clients. She will organize your vacation with imagination and positive vibes. Natasha has a warm and dynamic personality adaptable to different situations and requests.


Dynamic, competitive professional, Restaurateur with over 27 years of practical experience in a number of the best Restaurants in Greece, Denmark, Spain and South Africa. Imaginative and innovative individual with proven management, and new business development skills. Broad based experience in Administration, Menu listing, Personnel Recruiting and Training, Personnel Management, Kitchen Organizing, Floor Handling, Effective Public Relations. A history of significant profit, volume and customer satisfaction achievements, which illustrates the ability to combine cost control, revenue growth and process improvements.


Karen has a BA in International Economics and an MBA from her studies in France. A Cameroonian national, she grew up in Greece and she has traveled to over 25 countries. Inspired by her travels, she became involved in lifestyle management. With her polyvalent, multicultural and linguistic capacities, Karen provides administrative support to ULTRA. She is fluent in English, French and Greek with exceptional communication skills. She is organized, proactive and able to multi-task under pressure. Karen is passionate about enhancing clients’ leisure and lifestyle experiences.